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55 Best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers in 2023

The affiliate commission rates range from 2%-4%, depending on the affiliate network you use to access this program. You can also qualify to earn a $20 bonus if you refer a new property owner to list for rental on VRBO. It’s important to note that the Wise affiliate program is different from their “Invite a Friend” referral program, which offers incentives for referring people you know directly.

  • And by using your HR portal, you’ll be able to empower new starters to submit their details and access relevant information as and when is required.
  • Where these promotions are offered by Us to You they shall be subject to specific Terms and Conditions outside of this agreement.
  • The chatbot asks five questions that have been carefully designed around the organisation’s values and expected behaviours.
  • HR rather than local managers providing all the information – it should be a shared process.
  • Ready to take back control of your reward marketing campaigns?

Outdoorsy RV Share has a reputation of putting customer needs at the forefront of their service, even providing liability and comprehensive collision insurance with every approved rental. When you join the Kayak Affiliate Program, you will have access to all of the Kayak brands including HotelsCombined, Momondo and CheapFlights. REI is a great affiliate for bloggers looking to target an audience of passionate and loyal outdoor enthusiasts who are willing to invest in industry-leading gear and apparel. On the downside, the fact that the REI store requires membership to shop, there’s a chance you won’t reach quite as many buyers as some of the other affiliates mentioned. For bloggers with outdoor niche travel sites, the REI Co-Op Affiliate Program is undoubtedly on your radar. On the other hand, if your readers are just looking to book a flight, car rental or hotel on its own, they’re more likely to book with a competitor who can offer better deals.

steps to a smooth client onboarding experience for you and your clients

We regularly promote the brand through our own social media pages, along with country-wide television ads – examples being our recent ones in both the UK and Sweden. For each big campaign, we always provide affiliates with tailored assets. You want to give your clients a good impression of your business. It’s one of the many reasons why you need to provide a smooth client onboarding experience for them. Do it well, and you may find the vast majority of your future revenue will come as a result of those new clients. Give them a bad experience, and you’ll find your business popularity and income taking a big hit.

affiliate onboarding meaning

These elements include health and safety information required by law and practical information on the working environment and facilities. The induction should also familiarise the new employee with the company’s working arrangements relating to time, location and patterns of flexible working, if available as well as its culture and values. Having an affiliate program can have a huge impact on your revenue! If you’ve been thinking about launching an affiliate program for a while then this template is just what you need. Share this Affiliate Welcome Guide with your new affiliates to ensure they have everything they need to successfully promote your products. If you don’t have the internal resources or facilities to deliver an onboarding programme, BPCA can provide you with a support package.


When it comes to an online travel agency, that’s just the nature of the beast. Booking.com still wins out as the top hotel affiliate for me because they have the highest conversions of any hotel affiliate program I’ve used. On the other hand, because people often book days in advance of travel, and because Booking.com makes it easy to reserve without paying upfront, the cancellation rates can also be quite high. Second, they aren’t clear on how many sessions you need to join. Many affiliates are rejected from their program the first time they apply for “insufficient traffic,” but they don’t actually say how much traffic you need.

If you need to convert your earnings to a currency that isn’t currently paid out, you have the easy solution of signing up for a Wise account and converting at incredible rates. This is very quite low compared to commissions they used to offer on policies sold, which was 10% of the total policy price. One of the biggest changes they made is that you now earn commission when someone obtains a quote from them, even if they don’t complete a purchase. Safety Wing’s policies are quite appealing and easy to talk-up.

affiliate marketing template

After you’ve done that, start sifting through affiliate programs and networks to find those with the highest commission rates and most favorable terms. While this has been a pretty long list so far — it is by no means an exhaustive list of affiliate marketing programs for travel bloggers. Some bloggers also find that because CJ attracts a lot of larger companies affiliate onboarding compared to other affiliate networks, content creators sometimes find lower acceptance rates into individual brands’ programs. CJ Affiliate is the largest and most established affiliate marketing network in the world. Home to more than 3,800 brands worldwide, it’s a great source for travel bloggers looking for multiple options to monetize their website.

affiliate onboarding meaning

But you must not give anyone the impression that you speak for us or are entitled to say what our products and services will or will not do for them. Be transparent that you are gaining financially by referring us/using your affiliate link and discount codes. Information https://xcritical.com/ you get from us through being an affiliate must only be used for promoting our products and services using authorised promotional material. Your information will be used to track your commission, make payments, and to help you make more commission.

Scott’s Cheap Flights Affiliate Program

Online onboarding, therefore, will be relevant to most companies quite soon, if not already. In this article, We’ll walk you through exactly how FX affiliate and referral programs work, what types of partnership are out there and which questions to ask if you’re thinking of taking part. Ultimately, we’ll give you the advice and insight you need to select a trustworthy, high-income, well-supported Forex affiliate program. Additionally, many affiliate programs offer exclusive discounts or perks to bloggers that can help you stand out from the competition.

affiliate onboarding meaning

Create FAQs, manuals, help center articles, or community forums where users can share experiences and troubleshoot issues. Quick and easy wins will encourage people to continue learning and prepare them for more complex things to do. Congratulating people for their achievements within the product or service adds a touch of fun and boosts loyalty. If you don’t have any customers this can be hard, however, it is possible to estimate what your costs and lifetime values will be by comparing with other businesses. When it comes to influencer marketing, it is getting harder and harder to get the attention of online influencers.

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