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Recovery Stories: How 4 Celebrities Overcame Substance Abuse and Are Now Inspiring Others

Recovery has made a significant impact in my life in many wonderful ways. It really all started with the day I was admitted inspirational stories of sobriety to Valley Hope. My life became the life I used to have before this horrible disease took control of everything in my life.

With my wife Scherry’s constant support, I turned to Valley Hope as a place of refuge and recovery. The staff was simply amazing, and my Counselor Beth was exactly the right person at exactly the right time. I learned so many valuable lessons in my 28 days, and I learned that God had not deserted me, He was patiently waiting on me the entire time. Valley Hope is an amazing gift to so many of us who want a chance at recovery from the devastating, debilitating, deadly disease of alcoholism. Valley Hope helped save my life, and gave a grateful, sober man back to his family. May God continue to Bless Valley Hope, Birds of a Feather, and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Finally Turning a Corner Toward a Better Life with Recovery

Chris Howard is the Founder and Director of Ethos Recovery. In Psychology from UCLA and has served as a community advocate/mentor for men and women in recovery since 2010. Comedian Russell Brand recently celebrated his 20th sobriety anniversary after surviving a long battle with addiction. Life can be peaceful and great – one day at a time.

  • For someone so young, her journey is a story of hope for other young addicted people.
  • This structure he mentions refers to various support fellowships for people with alcoholism and addiction to help each other stay clean and sober.
  • My Seattle apartment was behind a block of five of them.
  • However, I finally accepted that everybody at Valley Hope wanted to help me.
  • And, I added a mirror from a makeup compact that just happened to – I don’t believe it was a coincidence – fit perfectly into the bottom of my cup.

Take that first step on the road to recovery and make better choices, every day. Other treatment centers I went to were good, but the support my family got from Herren Wellness – from Chris and Heather in particular – was amazing. The support my wife got – my wife who I tortured for a long time, and who probably couldn’t believe her life had come to this – was incredible. My whole goal right now is to be a good husband, a good father, and to help other alcoholics and addicts who are going through the same thing that I have. There is no worse feeling than that hopelessness of wanting to disappear.

Counting Down to 10,000 Days Sober — Day 9953

To anyone out there struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, just know that you are not alone. And that help is out there where ever you turn. You just can’t be afraid to ask for it. And life is so much more beautiful than the darkness in which you have been living.

Right after I got sober some of the men in my group started a men’s campout and fishing trip. We went every year for 15 years or so and always encouraged the newcomers to attend. Every year at least one newcomer would say “I never knew you could go to the lake without getting drunk!” I said the same thing my first time. I believe that anyone who shares about recovery and their story can help someone stay clean; my story isn’t worse or better than others. The fact that we made it into recovery means we have a story, but that story is about resilience, perseverance, and gratitude.

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But, I maintained my grades and graduated on time. I was actually sorely hungover during graduation since I stayed up all night the day before taking pills and drinking. Once I started to have some success in my running I realized that running could give me a platform to share my story of hope. I signed up to do a stage race in Patagonia Argentina in 2017 and started raising funds for that. I wanted to do some out-of-the-box fundraising concepts so that I could reach larger audiences. Quite often, the media got a hold of the story and did some news segments and articles about my story about my recovery which obviously could reach larger masses of people.

inspirational stories of sobriety

Also supported others (and they have supported me) in casual conversations before and after AA meetings. I am 20 years old and got sober at 18 through Valley Hope. People have this idea that young addicts can’t stay sober. And to show them they are more than a relapse statistic.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Recovery Story

A child actress, Drew Barrymore landed a role in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Her blonde curls and button nose resonated with audiences, and the role led to stardom. It also led her to alcohol and drugs.

  • Recovery has given me a new outlook on life and all the things in it.
  • The next week, I started outpatient treatment.
  • I woke up on August 10, 2014, and went to a treatment center for an intake appointment.
  • I eased back into work with a lower level of responsibility, able to focus more on myself and my recovery program.
  • My University asked me to leave and everything came to a halt.

I honestly believe that you can do anything you want to do. Sometimes you need help, treatment, guidance, and therapy. I spent three https://ecosoberhouse.com/ solid days basically just drinking, blacking out, falling down, passing out, waking up and drinking and doing it all over again.

If you wish to contact a specific rehab facility then find a specific rehab facility using our treatment locator page or visit SAMHSA.gov. All of my peers were still at college partying while I was embarking on a spiritual journey. It was the most difficult and most brave thing I have ever done. “I wish I had some story to tell you about my horrible, abusive, and neglected childhood.

  • Returning a year later to pick up my cup at Valley Hope was so wonderful.
  • Right after I got sober some of the men in my group started a men’s campout and fishing trip.
  • At meetings, we were supposed to speak to the other drunks in a general way about what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now.
  • The Sober Motivation podcast will have new guests each week sharing their sobriety stories in hopes to inspire others about what is possible.

It’s about you learning how to regrow relationships and care for other people, including yourself. I loved how I felt during and after running. Well, sometimes not feeling it while running, The runner’s high, and endorphin kick was like no other. I am thankful that I found running, and it has changed my life for the better.

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