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JavaScript Graph and Chart HTML5 Library

javascript candlestick chart

Specifies series elements to be highlighted when a user selects a point. If this property is not specified, the series will belong to the default pane. Specifies series elements to be highlighted when a user pauses on a series. A visual, technical analysis and charting (Candlestick, OHLC, indicators) library built on D3.

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In this instance, to keep the chart clear to the viewer, specify a limit for the number of point labels using the maxLabelCount property. Once this limit is exceeded, all point labels of the series will be hidden. Some possible customization options for the candlestick chart are listed below.


Also, you will need to replace the api_key shown below with the one you got from signing up. Now before you go into the example I would like to point some of the changes we made to make it work. First, you will need to import the Momentjs library in the HTML part of the code. You can see our example below that already has changes included from the Highcharts JSfiddle code to make it work. Now that everything is set up, proceed to the chart code itself. Configures the appearance adopted by the series when a user selects it.

javascript candlestick chart

If you sign up through this link, a portion of your membership fee will go to me. A thin, typed, React wrapper over Google Charts Visualization and Charts API. Please note that using LightningChart JS for Trading use cases requires a special license agreement.For more information, please contact us.


The theme editor offers a user friendly interface to create your theme. As a start, you have a set of predefined themes, everyone in a different color set, which let you achieve the desired looks at once. In addition, every chart element is customized through a property, which overrides the theme, if one is set. You can adjust fonts, colors, brushes for every type of label, axis, bar, or pie piece, even grid stripes.

  • Finally, a small popup with the exact opening, closing, high, and low price of the hovered candle appears next to it.
  • Declared in a series configuration object, the label settings apply only to the point labels that belong to this particular series.
  • This type of chart is used as a trading tool to visualize price movements.
  • It also snaps to the candles on the time axis and the hovered candle changes its color.

During development, I was testing the class with random data, but using real market data makes a lot more sense. Luckily, there are a lot of APIs you can use to get live and historic candlestick data. I am using the Binance API for this, but there are a lot of other API options for cryptocurrencies and stocks out there.


Candlestick charts always looked very confusing to me because I never bothered to understand them. However, when I finally did, I realized they are actually quite easy and straightforward to read. Simple BTC/EUR real time chart using data from Binance REST API and Kraken WebSocket API and Highcharts for visualization. Add() can be called with a single XOHLC-object or with an array of them.

However, there are numerous things you can easily change if you need to. Now that the data is loaded, let’s use the mapAs() function to transform the data fields into the fields of the candlestick chart. Complete this tutorial and you will be able to create a compelling interactive candlestick chart in JavaScript real quick, with ease.


Candlestick charts are used to describe price movements of a security, derivative, or currency over time. By the way, AnyChart has its own online editor for data visualizations like charts, maps, and dashboards, called AnyChart Playground. This candlestick chart is available right there so you can play with its code in a convenient way. The dashboard class allows you to combine charts and gauges of your choice in a single JavaScript dashboard.

  • This tutorial will break down the process needed to create such a chart into simple steps and provide a detailed explanation of the code.
  • A fun project to detect patterns in financial charts and add custom conditional logic for the patterns for trading.
  • Also called a Japanese candlestick chart, this chart type is one of the most popular forms of financial and stock data visualization.
  • If you use a series template, specify the value field properties in the commonSeriesSettings object.

Specifies which data source field provides low values for points of a financial series. Specifies which data source field provides high values for points of a financial series. Declared in commonSeriesSettings, javascript candlestick chart the label settings apply to all point labels in the chart. Declared in a series configuration object, the label settings apply only to the point labels that belong to this particular series.

Get your hands on the most advanced data visualization library at a discounted price. The examples below shows how to create a candlestick chart with the required data formats. Declared in commonSeriesSettings, selectionStyle applies to all series in the chart. Declared in a series configuration object, selectionStyle applies to this particular series only. The series-specific selectionStyle overrides the common one.

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