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How to Become a SQL Server DBA Everything You Need to Know SQL DBA

Furthermore, you will be familiarized with various aspects of SQL server, creation and modification of databases, and more. You will understand the core implementation of SQL Server. You will be able to create Test DB database, trigger audit events, altering of audit, checking, filtering and more. You will be enabled to work with SQL Server Management.

sql dba training

You will master the concepts of SQL Server installation, deployment, and authentication in various business scenarios. You will also learn to manage, maintain, secure, monitor, and automate SQL Server in an enterprise setup during this SQL DBA certification. The course content is in line with the requirements for clearing the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) exam. Follow easy steps and practical exercises at SQL DBA School to rapidly improve your SQL database administration expertise. SQL Server Performance Tuning with Real-World Scenarios offers pragmatic insights into optimizing database performance through understanding SQL Server’s features, routine monitoring, and proactive upkeep. This course is designed for the SQL Server
professional who needs to understand the basic concepts and
architecture of Oracle.

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Essential Training

SQL Server is one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) in the world. It has been evolving and improving over the years, adding new features and capabilities to meet the changing… Database Administrators (DBAs) are responsible for the design, implementation, support and maintenance of computerized databases in today’s organizations.

  • Unfortunately, certification can seem like a daunting task, leaving many people to continually push it down lower on their list of things to do.
  • The product managers were very happy with the job-ready recruits.
  • Acquiring your very first role as a Junior SQL Server DBA is not an easy task.
  • Our certification at GangBoard is accredited worldwide.
  • Each author tells their own personal story of how they became a SQL Server DBA and share advice for those interested in this career path.
  • Database Administrators (DBAs) are responsible for the design, implementation, support and maintenance of computerized databases in today’s organizations.
  • They covered nearly all topics related to oracle dba from basics to advanced topics.

You will gain complete expertise in configuring SQL Server 2022 components in a very high and complex and secure environment. Additionally, you can configure full-text indexing by yourself. They are better than experienced people from the same domain. The product managers were very happy with the job-ready recruits. You will primarily focus and administer MS SQL Server Database.

Managing Instances and Databases

Moreover, you will learn additional concepts such as Migration strategy and also various ways of managing the SQL Server 2022 agent. Intellipaat actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. For this, we are exclusively tied-up with over 80 top MNCs from around the world. This way, you can be placed in outstanding organizations such as Sony, Ericsson, TCS, Mu Sigma, Standard Chartered, Cognizant, and Cisco, among other equally great enterprises. We also help you with the job interview and résumé preparation as well. The step by step explanation was the best part of the course.

Many IT Professionals get certified to update their skills and give their resume the automatic boost that comes with certification. Other technology users may choose to get certified to become more well-rounded and gain a better understanding of the underlying products they work with every day. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that getting certified will only enhance your skills.

Skills you’ll gain

We Offers most popular Software Training Courses with Practical Classes, Real world Projects and Professional trainers from India. Get In-depth knowledge through live Instructor Led Online Classes and Self-Paced Videos with Quality Content Delivered by Industry Experts. An average SQL Server DBA Professional in the United States makes approximately $71,762 per annum, which is pretty exciting compared to many of the IT jobs. Moreover, a DBA can earn slightly above $100,000 per year based on experience and responsibility. GangBoard Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world.

You can access the recording of the missed class through our LMS. We record each training session and upload it after the session to our LMS which can be accessible to the students. At the end of this section, you will get a basic idea about SQL Server 2022 along with its key features and advancements in its version.

IntelliMindz has understood the influence of MS SQL Server DBA and provides comprehensive SQL Server DBA Training in Medavakkam.A proper database is required for every business. This signifies that there is a demand for the database. Microsoft SQL Server DBA is the best relational database server software that is used for data storage, retrieval of data as involved by applications, data control, evaluation, and reporting. Hello and welcome to this course on SQL Server Database Administration Tutorials.

sql dba training

This leads to the conclusion that they are looking for quality Database managers. What better way to portray your database management skills and understanding that having a quality SQL server DBA certification? These certifications will prove that you are familiar with complex database structures which certainly will boost your career in this department. Enroll with Gangboard to start with your SQL Server DBA Online Course today itself. We are currently offering a world class Microsoft SQL Server database administration training course (MS SQL DBA training course) for interested students and professionals. Registration for our SQL Server classes is open for anyone in the world because it is an online course.

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SQL Server Performance Tuning
Understanding database indexes. Understanding and maintaining SQL Server Database statistics. Yes, we got custom training programs to complete the course as you need.

Following the completion of SQL Server DBA Certification Online Training, students will be able to find jobs such as Junior Data Analyst, SQL Server DBA, SQL Developer. Our SQL Server DBA Online Training is specifically designed with all the essential syllabus that the certification demands. Our Live Online Training with 24/7 sql dba developer live support of live instructor will make sure that you do not face a single problem conquering this promising certification. Moreover, you will get year-long access to GangBoard’s LMS once you register for the SQL Server DBA Online Training so that you can keep up with the learning apart from the live sessions as well.

It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter. You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. After completing the projects successfully, your skills will be equal to 6 months of rigorous industry experience. The projects and assignments were challenging and good.

  • You Can take our training from anywhere in this world through Online Sessions and most of our Students from India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE.
  • Ample practice is necessary to get the certificate, so you should be ready to dedicate at least 3 hours daily studying the material.
  • It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile.
  • SQL DBA School provides life-time access to its courses, allowing you to revisit the material and stay up-to-date with industry changes throughout your career.
  • We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.
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