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5 Ways To Sustain an Effective Remote Customer Service Culture

Find companies offering the most remote jobs and research the fastest-growing careers for remote work in 2024. Whitehead decided to make these stressed clients part of the team. “We began to have daily update meetings with our clients,” he says. But staying productive while working remotely is not easy for everyone. Despite an array of studies pointing out the benefits of remote work, some people truly struggle to work efficiently from home. More often than not, they just need a little support from team leaders, and sometimes colleagues, to get back on track.

  • Perfect if you have a knack for communication and a desire for flexibility, you can build a customer service career that lets you connect with people without stepping outside of your home.
  • He receives an email from a customer, and realizes he needs his senior Susan’s help to resolve it.
  • Keeping everyone motivated is a big challenge while working remotely.
  • It’s up to managers to keep reinforcing how discipline makes or breaks people.
  • Your remote employees might not have any idea about a discussion that happened offline.
  • This number is surprising as it surpassed the meager 25% of regular office workers with high-stress levels.

To better understand employee pain points and satisfaction level, you can share periodic surveys using the AI-powered tool- Qualaroo. If you want to improve your remote customer service, you need to take action. Use the tips above to start making changes in your business.

Rethink Your Communication Strategies.

Cloud-based ticketing systems will bring your customer service standards to another level and will make it possible for the entire team to work in an integrated manner. Automation, tools, and knowledge repositories – make sure your remote employees have them. We hope that by now you must have grasped an understanding of the various challenges of remote team management. It’s essential to know these types of customer service phrases. It provides an easy and positive way to interact further with your potential customers. Some customers may be having difficulty understanding the problem they’re experiencing.

  • What tools and/or best practices do you use for remote teams to create team-building and bring everyone closer together?
  • We hope that by now you must have grasped an understanding of the various challenges of remote team management.
  • Remote work continues to play a pivotal part in shaping the future of the workplace for the foreseeable future.
  • Despite an array of studies pointing out the benefits of remote work, some people truly struggle to work efficiently from home.
  • Have you and your teams struggled with the transition to remote customer service, and want more control on how you’re delivering a stellar experience to your customers?
  • So, when you say you need the report asap, your remote employee might deliver it as per his understanding of asap.
  • Chat support is also easier to manage than phone support when you have background distractions like kids, pets or a spouse.

However, remote jobs were also posted for managers (19%), senior-level professionals (12%), and entry-level professionals (5%). It’s no longer a secret that remote employees work more productively than office-based workers. This does mean, however, that customer service reps who were formerly unfamiliar what is remote customer service with live chat now have to learn a whole new product. Agents start off with a learning curve, and the team has to adjust itself, and customers, to a new channel. Online messages are a lot

easier to organize and manage

than phone calls, benefiting your customers as well as your service team.

Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs

So, make the agendas of your online meetings clear and be intentional while discussing things. You must include your remote employees in general team discussions. You should listen to them, their opinions and involve them in your discussions. Micro-monitoring the working style of your employees is one of the biggest mistakes managers make while managing remote employees. If a customer contacts you through email, make sure to have that conversation in the same place. This will help create a more personal relationship with the customer.

So, instead of mapping long term goals, make sure you are able to achieve an alignment among your goals, your employees’ goals and your company’s goals. Adjourn once all the employees understand your intentions behind the meeting. Keep the remote team informed of all the offline developments. Don’t offer micro-instructions to your remote employees.

Personalize each interaction

People might be having a bad day, or they might not be familiar with the customer service process. To improve your remote customer service, you need to use customer feedback. It means soliciting customer feedback regularly and using that feedback to make changes to your customer service process. By offering multiple channels of communication and instant support, you can ensure that your customers receive the assistance they need, when they need it.

The problem is that when a person does not unplug, over the course of time, they wear themselves out. It’s no surprise that 41% of remote workers report high stress levels as opposed to 25% office-based workers. Employ technology such as video conferencing for birthday celebrations, online events on important dates, and other such activities for team building.

Suddenly, businesses had to adapt all at once, even the ones with a staunch opposition to the idea. You’re at home, keep your written response diplomatic but say what you


you could say out loud — assuming no kids are around. If that doesn’t help, exercise works well for getting stress out of your system. Do ten lunges, squats, push-ups, jumping jacks or whatever you’re physically capable of to let off a little steam.

A lot of times we don’t make the effort to explain our thoughts in detail, and instead end up dropping hints and cues. What may seem like a clear instruction to one person, it might be a vague phrase for someone relatively new to the system. Working remotely often involves discussing tasks over Slack, video conferencing to sync-up on projects, and collaborating via project management boards. Amid this, softer aspects like recognition and morale might get overlooked.

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