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Online Collaboration in Complex Business

Online collaboration in complex business is more than a nice feature. As companies increasingly rely on remote workers they’re looking for new ways to let their teams collaborate regardless of location or device. In the case of frontline-majority companies raising morale of employees and productivity is particularly important for their bottom line.

Companies are examining digital communication technologies more closely since the COVID-19 virus is forcing them to move away from face-to-face meetings and move to remote working. Contrary to social media platforms which are used to share personal information enterprise software has tools specifically designed for business-related uses.

The best online collaboration platform will offer an array of non-synchronous and synchronous methods of communication. Most companies use asynchronous communication channels such as email, but Asynchronous messaging tools allow users to send messages and not waiting for a response in a flash (think the difference between texting and calling). Online collaboration platforms that combine these methods of communication synchronous and asynchronous provide real-time editing of documents as well as virtual workspaces.

This enables gatherings that are collaborative, where employees can discuss and brainstorm ideas without needing to be in the same room at the same time. You can also take notes from previous meetings and not have to worry about missing the most important details. With most online collaboration platforms, which include newsfeeds it is easy to announce company-wide events and everyone can view them instantly. This is quicker and more efficient than sending out an email to a large group or holding conferences.


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