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Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud management platforms enable organizations to monitor and control their cloud infrastructure. This includes performance and scalability as in addition to costs. A reliable cloud management platform should also integrate with IT systems, billing systems, reporting and monitoring tools.

Enterprises need to decide the things they want to monitor and then select the appropriate solution. They can choose specialized tools to address specific issues or a complete suite that covers all aspects of cloud computing.

Several multi-cloud management platforms have a unified interface that allows businesses to control their various environments from one dashboard. They also assist in optimizing resources by preventing waste of hardware or software. These platforms automatise workflows and reduce human intervention.

AppDynamics is one of the most popular cloud management tools. Other solutions include CloudBolt and Morpheus Data. The first two are self-service interfaces that enable organizations to deploy a system image and provide metering and billing as well as some degree of optimization of workload through established policies. CloudBolt can help to streamline operations across multiple clouds and provide an expense management tool. CloudStack can handle thousands of servers, supports a visual interface and supports massive infrastructure scaling.

Terraform is an open-source cloud management tool. nOps offers SaaS tools to manage cloud infrastructure, both private and public. The first enables teams of any size to create and update cloud-based infrastructures in stable environments. It also links them to version control and stores remote state in a secure manner. The latter offers a single dashboard with analytics, monitoring and an in-depth view of the cloud environment. This helps improve efficiency, costs, and availability.

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